Triumph TR6

 In January 2012 I was browsing on E Bay for a TR6 when one caught my eye, and I was in the process of pricing the shipping to South Africa  when I thought of contacting the TSCC in Cape Town. They put me in contact with a previous Chairman, Geoff Davis, who was selling his 1974 TR6 and was within 2 Km from where I live. I had recently sold my MGB, so I was feeling a bit uncertain whether I had done the right thing. Anyway I bought it! When I drove home I noticed it had attitude, compared to the B, which is what I was looking for.

I am the fourth owner of the car and have all the previous  documents, including the flimsy invoice when the car was bought for 1643 pounds in 1974, London UK. The owner shipped the car over on the Windsor Castle when he emigrated to SA, unfortunately the car was shipped out of the UK 1 day short of the 6 month ownership for free importation tax into SA.That money was paid to the customs excise when the car arrived and left the owner without a deposit to buy a house.

 A lot of work had been done to the car under Geoff’s ownership including a re-spray from the original French blue (which I still like) to Signal red. One of the first jobs I tackled was the brakes, which I overhauled to try and improve the poor braking.  I fitted a new master cylinder and booster which made absolutely no improvement. I figured that because modern cars have a larger diameter booster this could solve the problem and sought a booster which would fit in the space. I found a Toyota Conquest booster at a scrapyard and fitted it with little difficulty. The car’s brakes now perform more like a modern car.

 I also took out the engine and fitted new liners and pistons, rings and bearings. The biggest headache was the injection system, which was not pumping the correct pressure, so I imported a new type of Bosch pump and diaphragm PRV, sent the MU to Gary Blake to have it set up and also fitted new injectors. The car now runs sweet and gives approx. 28mpg.

I have continued to upgrade the car with a refurbished dash in Burr Walnut and new seat covers. The seats were  stripped and new covers fitted along with the dash re veneered in burr walnut.New bearings and seals were fitted to the half shafts. New front shocks as well as steering bushes have been done.An Accuspark ignition system has also been fitted.The headlights have been upgraded to Halogen and new hooters fitted.The brakes have been completely overhauled with a new booster and master cylinder fitted.The heater was modified and the fan replaced and heater valve replaced.

 The car is now running well and has won two gold medals at the concourse in 2013 and 2014- With classic cars, there is always something to do and to keep you busy, don’t you just love them.