The Triumph Sports Car Club of Cape Town is a regional centre catering for Triumph car owners or those who have an interest in the marque.

The Cape Town Regional Centre is one of eight regional centres which jointly make up a National Body known as the Triumph Sports Car Club of Southern Africa, which represents the Triumph Marque in Southern Africa. The National Body has a constitution which provides a framework for all eight Centres to operate in, and is also responsible for ensuring that all registered members receive a copy of a quarterly Triumph magazine, called "Sabrina", which keeps members informed of what is happening both at National and Regional Centre levels. The Regional Centres in turn each have individual constitutions. Bi annually one of the regional centres will host a National gathering where Triumphs and their owners from all of South Africa will congregate for a 4 day festival which will include concours judging, driving tests, a dinner / dance and sightseeing organised by the host centre plus the camaraderie that can only be found when enthusiasts of like mind gather.

The aim of the Cape Town Centre, is to help ensure continuity of the marque and foster camaraderie between the members engaged in Club activities. The Cape Town Centre publishes a monthly members newsletter, organises a mixture of social / technical meetings (referred to as "noggins") on a monthly basis and monthly outings where the cars are driven on some of our awesome scenic routes, be it along our breathtaking coastlines or majestic inland country wine routes. The Cape Town Centre also supports various charities by displaying our cars at car shows where the aim of the show is to raise money for a deserving charity. The Triumph car stand has become a firm favourite among organisers and public alike. It has to be said that, as a Club, we prefer to get out there and drive and enjoy our cars rather than being a Club where the accent is on cosseted concours type cars that seldom see the light of (non show) day.


The Club Constitution is available for you to download and retain.