Triumph TR 4A

When driving around Jhb. in 1995, just before I went overseas, this car was standing on the side of the road. So curiosity got me and after looking it over thought that I would try to find the owner. As it happened I saw the car in a garage being serviced 2 days later, brilliant. So I contacted the owner and asked him if he wanted to sell. He said yes and after some negotiation I bought the car. I tried to convince my wife it was for her, but she is not so gullible.
Well the story is similar to the other cars, it went into storage because of work requirements, but this time for 17 years. I started a restoration in 2013 and stripped it down to the chassis and was just about to start the rebuild when the TR5 came along. 
It is still wrapped up and in boxes and my plan is to restart the restoration later this year.