My TR6-By Frank Dreher


I had my business for about 10 years and was merrily swinging spanners when a client turned friend came through the door.

 “Hello Frank, how are you? I have something to show you and I am sure you would like it, but you must come with me so I can show you!!!!!!”

 What, me leave work, nooooo.,,,,,,,,,, but she was very convincing, smart Lady I tell you!

Anyway, she launches off with me in her car to Seapoint, we go and land up at a dingy backyard of a block of flats. Now what? She opens a garage door and there on bricks is a motorcar covered and dusty, she takes off the cover and there in all its glory a Triumph TR6. I was floored as I had always wanted a Triumph TR4 to TR6.  Well I had to pass as money was very tight, my restaurant had guzzled some of my reserves so I was very heart sore, but life hands out some curved balls, and as I could not afford it I forgot about it, which was the best otherwise I would not have been able to sleep.

Three years passed and Clary, my friend, rocks up at the workshop,” Hello Frank, my car needs a service, and by the way have you got your money together for the sports car?” I was dumbstruck! 

I replied that I had some, but not all and wondered why she had not sold it yet? She replied……..”When I saw your face looking at the sports car I knew it was going to be yours, no one looks at a car with such affection the way you did, so I kept it for you.”

Needless to say we struck a deal AND WITH A BIG HUG, I was the proud owner of a Pimento TR6; . Wow, I could not believe it! The car is all respects original and unrestored.

So next I called a tow truck and took it to the workshop. I gave it an oil change, a fuel change, fitted a new battery and it fired up to my delight, albeit running extremely rich and uneven. I sent the metering unit to Gary Blake for calibration, fitted 5 new tyres and have had nothing but fun and enjoyment with it since. Even with all original Lucas Fuel injection, that many have had problems with, touch wood long may it last.


It is not my only, but my best sports car.